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Children on the Edge is a 26 year old UK-based charity that helps marginalised and forgotten children, who are living on the edge of their societies. These are children without parental care, neglected or persecuted by their governments, ignored by international media and missed by large overseas agencies.

​Working in partnership with local communities, Children on the Edge helps them to create safe, child friendly environments. They support children to realise their rights, and restore the ingredients of a full childhood by generating hope, life, colour and fun. 

Children on the Edge currently support projects for working children in Bangladesh, children living in the slums of Uganda, displaced children in Kachin State - Burma, Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and Dalit children in India.

If you would like to support Children on the Edge, please visit their website at

MicroSkills is a Canadian government funded, multi-cultural, non-profit, community based organization committed to assisting the unemployed, with priority to women, racial minorities, youth and immigrants. MicroSkills aims to enable them to participate more fully in Canadian society and assist them in acquiring the skills needed to achieve self-determination and economic, social and political equality.

Their Youth Services Education and Career Exploration Support Program provides guidance and support to youth in identifying their goals, selecting education or training options and/or conducting a search for employment. Participants can also access one on one and group homework help after school to youth, as well as an opportunity to build their support networks through one-on-one service, group sessions and networking events.

If you would like to support Community MicroSkills Development Centre, please visit their website at

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