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Our Impact & Real-Life Stories

Our Minority Success Stories

Since launch, Move4Migrants has reached over 2,500 migrant and minority youth from 16 schools in Asia. Our goal for next year is to take M4M global, through strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations.


Move4Migrants is also making ardent efforts to put the issue of migrant integration on the global map, and influence policy on the same through dialogue with various foreign embassies in Hong Kong, including the British, American, Canadian, German, Indian and Pakistani Consulate Generals, as well as the likes of the Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission. 

Simran Kaur

Simran came to one of our public speaking sessions, where we heard about her amazing athletic talents and her ambition of becoming a police officer. We introduced her to Operation Breakthrough, an organization run by the Hong Kong Police Force which takes ethnic minority students and athletes and provides them with a route to join the police academy. We hope this propels Simran on her way to becoming a police cadet!

John YSC Groenvold

John is the definition of a third culture kid and a Hong Kong migrant. For the first two years of his life, John was raised in by a Norwegian father and Chinese mother, speaking both Norwegian and Cantonese at home. For the next 19 years of his life, John moved back and forth between Hong Kong and Norway, developing his identity and international perspective. Along the way, John picked up English through Calvin & Hobbes comics, English video games, and English media.

John now works with EJ Insight Online, where he writes passionately about minority and migrant issues. More of his work can be found here.

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