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Our Projects

Move4Migrants Winter Soccer Tournament
January 1st, 2017

The Hong Kong community came together to play at the Move4Migrants Winter Soccer Tournament. Locals, migrants and minorities all formed their own teams to compete for the title of champion! ​Ultimately, Sahil Sharma's team won the trophy.

It was fantastic to see people from all communities and walks of life come together to bond over sports. We believe that athletics are a fantastic way to get ahead in life and to help communities integrate!

Public Speaking Masterclass by Toastmaster Talis Wong
June 28th, 2016

Ten students got the chance to attend a public speaking masterclass by Distinguished Toastmaster Talis Wong. Meeting in Mr. Wong's very own DD Centre, the Move4Migrants kids discussed their fears regarding public speaking, learned strategies to enhance their presentation and delivered their very own speeches! Mr. Wong stressed upon the importance of posture, volume, and hand gestures, among other things to keep in mind.

We heard some great stories about where our participants grew up, including a whirlwind journey through India, the careers they wanted to pursue, such as joining the police force and becoming a veterinarian, and how they spent their free time, whether it was photography or playing three sports. Afterwards, Mr. Wong shared some life advice, and answered questions the students had.

Healthcare Camp by UCN South Asian Health Service
June 12th, 2016

Through a partnership with our frinds at the United Christian Nethersole South Asian Health Service, Move4Migrants hosted a medical camp for our participants. At the camp, students were able to recieve a free medical checkup, including BMI, blood pressure, glucose levels and cholesterol. Although everyone was glad to hear they were healthy, some weren't so happy about the needles!

Helicopter Ride by Michael Wong
June 27th, 2016

Celebrated actor and performer Michael Wong took the M4M kids on a helicopter ride around Hong Kong! Beyond acting, Mr. Wong has a passion for flying, and founded SkyHigh.


Our students had a fantastic time, not only seeing the beautiful Hong Kong skyline from a new perspective, but getting commentary from a world famous performer! 

Not only did Michael Wong generously donate his time and his skills, but also shared words of wisdom about the importance of perseverance and sticking to your dreams.

Move4Migrants is hosting more workshops and events throughout the summer. Stay tuned to this space for more updates!

Pradyumn working at Ascentria Services for New Americans
Thanksgiving Break, November-December 2016

Over his Thanksgiving break, Move4Migrants founder Prady had the opportunity to work at Ascentria Care Alliance in Concord, New Hampshire. M4M has been aware for some time of the plight of Bhutanese immigrants who have been forced to flee due to an ethnic cleansing back home. We knew that Ascentria's Services for New Americans, a unique and highly effective program for receiving and resettling refugees into the United States, is doing great work with these families. Ascentria sometimes prepares homes for as many as 40 refugee families a month. The ultimate goal is for refugees to become fully self-sufficient, with long term employment, education and cultural assimilation.

Prady worked closely with Jaya Sharma, one of the case managers at Ascentria, and Sandi Cotter, Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator. He was able to see the entire resettlement process firsthand, working on documenting arrival details, preparing an airport reception for families, furbishing and stocking the refugee apartments, assisting in a cultural orientation workshop, taking care of very cute kids and helping a young mother get her Social Security number so that she could go to work.

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